Dominant Teasing Feet in Black Strappy High Heeled Sandals

Enjoy watching Her take off fishnet stockings and a pair of Very sexy black heels in this long clip. Black pedicured toes, up close views dangling and playing with hot heels!

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25 Responses to Dominant Teasing Feet in Black Strappy High Heeled Sandals

  1. Controlaltdeleteful1 says:

    Wow…I feel like I caught a glimpse of heaven.

  2. crazybapful says:

    would love to kidnap her .. .. . .

  3. feticci says:

    Video stupendo, molto eccitante. Hai dei piedi e delle scarpe molto sexy. Adorabile.

  4. Footboy69uk says:

    Stunning, horny and beautiful. Where’s the queue to be your foot slave?

  5. TheDanglelover says:

    i love this

  6. longxrider54 says:

    very beautiful feet…thank you 4 sharing yuor sexy videos with us..XXX

  7. indigo0110 says:

    Very classy and erotic video. Your feet are gorgeous. Would love to see orange polish on your toes.

  8. Raidadave says:

    Very sexy feet…

  9. Dallas582 says:

    fucken gorgeous now thats beauty

  10. espinozafn says:

    Mmmm Id love to have you on a bed with those stockings and heels on and that skirt on.

  11. bigdaddyone12 says:

    Very hot! I liked when her last shoe fell off! Wow! Do a Booty shake!!! You have great feet and great booty! put them together hand and knees on your bed with white silky panties and red shoes using your legs to slap your booty with your shoes! Now that would be the best ever!

  12. jrd476 says:

    OMG you sexy sexy woman! I would love to be trampled by those feet and receive footjobs from them all day long!!!

  13. genxxxersize says:

    great vids, but the music sucks donkey dick! :o )

  14. peterandlois07 says:

    @deepintoe Thanks everyone for your compliments! I’ll keep them coming :)

  15. wvphoseprince says:

    I love this video. I want a pair of both the fishnet stockings and strappy sandals for my wardrobe.

  16. lupitoish says:

    que piernas mas preciosas mmmmmmmm y que pies mas deliciosossssssss mmmmmmmmm love feet muaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. jezztech says:

    when your feet finally becum nude,its explosive!

  18. burbank1IQ says:

    Had to rub one out…

  19. leglover499 says:

    I nver get tired of watching this very sensual video of her in those sexy fishnets which adorn those beautiful legs and feet. Will there be a part two of her with fishnets in the near future?

  20. deepintoe says:

    Hi Lois, when I see your beautiful feet and the way you display them, I have a better understanding of why I am so much into feet. You guys are great!

  21. wjimbo24 says:

    5-Star all the way. The black fishnets provide a perfect foil for the real things: The beautiful legs and feet. The black sandals then provide a tasteful compliment, showing them to splendid advantage.

  22. corredorx300 says:

    Your feet are just LOVE! Gorgeous!
    And the heels make them look that much hotter!

  23. travieboyxxx2001 says:

    I would pay to see you on a gas pedal with them feet!!

  24. avatacron60 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    Among the best on the tube.

  25. rodnei46 says:

    a muito tempo que te procurava

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